learning to code

Unlocking Your Career Potential: The Benefits of Learning To Code

As technology continues to revolutionize industries across the board, it’s becoming increasingly clear that coding skills are no longer reserved for IT professionals alone. In fact, learning to code can have a profound impact on your career prospects, regardless of the field you work in. In this blog, we’ll explore the top benefits of learning […]

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russula mushrooms, Fungi as key elements in soil productivity, agriculture,and social wellness

Fungi: Essential for Agriculture, Soil and Social Wellness (English Translation)

Hi humans. I’m very happy to share with you (finally) the translation of my article “Fungi as key elements in soil productivity, agriculture, and social wellness” for the Biocenosis Magazine (UNED), vol 32(1). You can find the original version in this DOI or on my Research Gate. For references please use: Zuniga, K.; Quirós, G. […]

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important functions of perennials in an agriculture system

Important function of Perennials in an Agriculture System

Why do so many farms prefer to grow annual vegetables in their early stages of establishment? Usually, this is because annual vegetables are a commercial product, that has quick economic returns and there’s already a niche market available in a different market. However, sometimes this can be a trap that includes only seasonal labor, and […]

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how to replace lawn with native plants in usa new jersey

How to replace lawn with lifetime native plants?

Are you considering reducing the level of maintenance required in your landscape? Growing native plants in your garden not only requires less maintenance than traditional lawns, it also makes the local environment a healthier place for you and your community. Grass needs a lot of work to look nice, sometimes requiring the use of fertilizers, […]

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articulo cientifico Los hongos como elementos clave en la productividad del suelo, la agricultura y el bienestar social

Los hongos como elementos claves del suelo, la agricultura y el bienestar social

Feliz de compartir mi primer artículo científico “Los hongos como elementos claves del suelo, la agricultura y el bienestar social” para la Revista Biocenosis, UNED de Educación Ambiental, junto a Gerald Quiros. En él, pueden encontrar información más detallada sobre la función de los hongos, además de estar conformado por fotografías para su identificación.Muy feliz […]

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