pinyon mouse

The Beautiful Pinyon Mouse: A Small Resident of the Western United States and Mexico

Do you think they are sweet? Because we fell totally in love with this friend. This Pinyon Mouse (Peromyscus truei) is a small and incredibly agile rodent, and has been know to swim across small bodies of water. Where are they distributed? They are native to the pinyon-juniper woodlands of the western United States and […]

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uintah chipmunk neotamias umbrinus eating seed in great basin national park

Why chipmunks have stripes?

? One of my favorite encounters on my trip to the Great Basin National Park in Nevada, was this Uintah Chipmunk – Hidden Forest Chipmunk (Neotamias umbrinus). Where the Uintah Chipmunks live? This species is an endemic rodent from the United States, which means that you can see it only in this part of the […]

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