Moonwalk Festival 2023 Line Up

POSTPONED!* Let’s have a journey through sound at Moonwalk Festival 2023!

We regret to announce that Moonwalk Festival 2023 has been postponed. However, we have an exciting alternative plan in store for you! Join us in Echo Lake, Afton, NY this weekend for a Psytrance experience in the woods. Join me for an unforgettable experience at the Moonwalk Festival held at the enchanting Camp Timber Trails […]

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k flat with me lofi hip hop mix

k – float with me (lofi hip hop)

This lofi hip hop mix has a nostalgic vibe, and typically features mellow and downtempo beats with a vintage or retro feel.The music often incorporates jazz, soul, and funk elements, and may feature samples from old records, movies, and vinyl backgrounds. The overall effect is one of warmth and familiarity, evoking memories of simpler times […]

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witch house dark trap dj set

DJ Set: Kristi K – Witch House / Dark Trap Mix

“If you want the rainbow, you have to tolerate the rain“. Showcasing two of my favorites subgenres with this Witch House-Dark trap Mix for Bipolar Soundsets and Melted Brain Records. A lot of memories and feelings in this set, thanks for listen. Playlist: Mix and Cover: Krystal ZunigaRecorded: May, 2023.

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K podcast artwork for voodoo hoodoo records dj set and podcast

K – Voodoo Hoodoo Essential Podcast #001

Check out my first Voodoo Hoodoo Essential Podcast #001, where I showcase Voodoo Hoodoo discography. This edition was carefully cured and recorded by December 2022. Now it was time to let it see the light… Tracklist for Voodoo Hoodoo Essential Podcast: Fractalien – Voodoo TribeFloaty – Devil’s tombLyserzwerg – Dunkle TannenSkanoh & Acid Projekt – […]

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k new addition in voodoo hoodoo records

Happy to be the new addition of Voodoo Hoodoo Records!

Thank you tribe! Happy to be part of Voodoo Hoodoo Records, one of my favorite Darkpsy and Experimental labels ever! So grateful to @otkun.vuduhudu and @arkam_psymusic for the support. I’ll be sharing new mixes featuring the Voodoo Hoodoo discography and other gems of experimental music in the SoundCloud. If you would like to follow our work and be […]

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K flyer for amalgama

Join Me To The Party! See You In Amalgama!

Get ready for a night full of music and art at our Bipolar Soundsets event, Amalgama! We’re back with a cast incredible cast of DJ’s and members of our collective, serving up a wide variety of genres including Glitch, Downtempo, Bass, Techno and Psytrance. I will be sharing a DJ set full of trance, psychodelia […]

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K on artist lineup for Nahual Spirit Festival 2023

I will be performing at Nahual Spirit Festival 2023!

Ready for an unforgettable experience at Nahual Spirit Festival in Costa Rica? Join me and the rest of the crew for 5 camping days of nonstop psychedelic and experimental beats from around the world. In addition to my DJ set, enjoy an amazing lineup of artists, fire performances, yoga, workshops, tours, art gallery, ceremonies, and […]

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k ancient whisper darkpsy ethnocore dj set

K – Ancient Whispers (Darkforest/Ethnocore DJ Set)

The whispers of the past are deep inside our souls. They are in nature, in the universe, in the rocks. In the vastness of the desert and its hot sun. This set is part of my Podcast project of underground, rave and experimental music, in this one I share with you some Darkforest – Ethnocore […]

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Aquelarre Psytrance Festival Live Set K-Mofs

Aquelarre Psytrance Festival Live Set (K b2b Mofs)

Hi guys. So happy to share this DJ set full of psytrance music, darkpsy and hi-tech from 160-180bpm. This one was played at Coven (Aquelarre) Psytrance Festival by @sancestros, next to @mofs_music, thank you for share the stage with me. ? ​Blessing to those who woke up at 8:00am and bloomed with us on the […]

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psycore dj set artwork

Listen K – Adios (Psycore Experimental)

Compilation of Psycore Experimental / Ethnocore (210-250BPM). Tracklist by Voodoo Hoodoo Records. “Without detachment, there is no liberation” Cover Elements:Trametes sp, Pleurotus sp, Corteza de Quercus sp.Edition: Krystal ZunigaPhoto: Krystal Zuniga & Mir Ali

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