stripped wintergreen - chimaphila maculata native plants of usa

Striped Wintergreen – Chimaphila maculata

The Spotted Wintergreen Chimaphila maculata (“Pipsissewa” in native language) is a small, perennial, rhizomatous evergreen herb native to eastern North America and Central America. Even thought they contain chlorophyll and are capable to make photosynthesis, they are partially saprophytes. Family: Ericaceae Leaves: Dark green-white, 2-7cm, opposite, lanceolate, dentant Height: 7-25cm Flowers: 4-5 petals, white/pinkish/cooper, nearly round, umbel, Blooming: Summer (July-Aug) […]

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tillandsia punctulata bosques y plantas de costa rica

Tillandsia punctulata

Tillandsia punctulata is a species of epiphytic plant belonging to the bromeliad family. It is native to the tropical regions of Central and South America, where it grows attached to trees or rocks. The plant has thin, spiky leaves that can range from green to gray and may have purple or red spots. During the […]

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