fiesta de los diablitos cultura boruca costa rica 2023

La Fiesta de los Diablitos – Cultura Boruca – Costa Rica

La Fiesta de los Diablitos (Cabru^rojc) en Rey Curré (Yimba Cajc) es un actividad tradicional de la cultura Boruca de Costa Rica. Es una de las festividad más importantes y antiguas de la región, atrayendo a personas de todo el país y del extranjero. Esta actividad se remonta a tiempos precolombinos y conmemora la lucha […]

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krystal walking through trail in san gerardo de rivas

San Gerardo de Rivas: Unlock the Best Things to Do in Costa Rica’s Breathtaking Talamanca Mountains

Welcome to San Gerardo de Rivas, a charming town located in Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica. Nestled in the Talamanca Mountains, this quaint village is a popular destination for travelers. If you are looking to explore the great outdoors and rich biodiversity of the region, check out these recommendations. As you make your way to San […]

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timber creek campground las vegas

Discover the Great Outdoors at Timber Creek Campground: A Peaceful Retreat Near the Excitement of Las Vegas

This Timber Creek Campground in Ely, eastern Nevada, is a popular destination for explorers, looking to experience the outdoors while still being close to all the excitement of the crazy city. Where is Timber Creek Campground located? Is located just a few hours north of Las Vegas, offering a peaceful retreat in the beautiful Ely […]

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pinyon mouse

The Beautiful Pinyon Mouse: A Small Resident of the Western United States and Mexico

Do you think they are sweet? Because we fell totally in love with this friend. This Pinyon Mouse (Peromyscus truei) is a small and incredibly agile rodent, and has been know to swim across small bodies of water. Where are they distributed? They are native to the pinyon-juniper woodlands of the western United States and […]

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great basin bristlecone pine pinus longaeva

One of the longest-living organisms on Earth – Great Basin Bristlecone Pine

We saw this insane Great Basin Bristlecone Pine (Pinus longaeva) on our exchange trip to the National Park in Nevada, Las Vegas. These trees are adapted to survive in harsh, unforgiving environments, making it one of the most resilient trees in the world. They grow at high elevations, where they are exposed to strong winds, […]

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uintah chipmunk neotamias umbrinus eating seed in great basin national park

Why chipmunks have stripes?

? One of my favorite encounters on my trip to the Great Basin National Park in Nevada, was this Uintah Chipmunk – Hidden Forest Chipmunk (Neotamias umbrinus). Where the Uintah Chipmunks live? This species is an endemic rodent from the United States, which means that you can see it only in this part of the […]

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