cover for psytrance dj set of psytrance with mask of african culture and mushrooms

Psytrance DJ Set: Tseyka – Centurio Senex

Cover for this incredible trippy Psytrance DJ set from Centurio Senex, artist from Costa Rica and Melted Brain Records. I used for this art my photography, integrating elements like the “Kwakiult” culture mask, mushrooms from the Marasmiaceae family, Marchantia polymorpha plants and blood drops filters.
Thank you Centurio Senex for believe in my work and share the love for the music.

Cover para el Dj Set de Centurio Senex, artista costarricense y del colectivo @meltedbrainrecords de Costa Rica. Para este arte, utilicé mi fotografía y elementos como la máscara de la cultura Kwakiutl, hongo de la familia Marasmiaceae, plantas de Marchantia polymorpha y filtros de gotas de sangre.

Gracias Centurio Senex por creer en mi trabajo y compartir el amor por la música.


– Metatron – Return to Family
– Peyotes – Problem Child
– Reevoke – Sensory Ratios
– Tera – After All
– Synthalienz – Mucuna Valley
– Loom, Vibralium – Tribal Source
– Madianbrains – Waterworld
– Konebu – Esmixinga
– Krapul – Sacred Moments in the Woods
– Fako – Dawg Boomper
– Antonymous, Sator Arepo – Cryptographic
– Dr. Fractal – Complex Geometry
(148bpm to 155bpm)

Cover: Krystal Zuniga

DJ Set: Centurio Senex

Melted Brain Records

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