dj crown psybass live dj set artwork by krystal

Crown – PBGM (PsyBass DJ Set)

Trippy cover for this PsyBass DJ Set from Crown! This art was inspired in ocean elements from Isla del Coco National Park from Costa Rica. Thank you Bipolar Soundsets and Crown for trust in my work.

This time our member and founder Crown brings us a musical selection that is a bit more Psy, but without abandoning the bass frequencies as he usually calls it. PBGM stands for Psy, Bass, Glitch and MidTempo, styles on which the set is based, we hope you enjoy the set as much as we like to share the music with you, thanks for the support. Everything that exists has vibration, has energy. We often say, “We are one,” but the illusion of separation on the physical plane enhances individuality. Where is it that we are one? Well, in the energy plane, which is where the unit makes these laws come true in everything that exists, being human or not. We are one in the I who I am in me today and all the multidimensional I or “other lives” where I exist in the Eternal Present”.

Artwork: Krystal
Date: 03/10/2021

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