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New addition of Goajira Records

Grateful with Goajira Records for making me part of the family! This crew is based in Brooklyn, New York City and they are exponents of psytrance culture in eastern United States.

Goajira Records present our first girl to the seal, representing Costa Rica.

This is Krystal and she comes with feminine power to our family, thank you for trusting Goajira and sharing your essence. From New York Myke Muyska, Anthony La Bianca and Mexico Flor De Loto Vasthy. Welcome, you are now Goajira…

Kristi K is a project of Krystal Zuniga, DJ, dancer and Natural Resource Manager. Her journey as a DJ began in 2017 at a small rave in Costa Rica, as her passion for dancing sparked her interest in mixing music.

She loves to experiment and mix with different genres, mainly Psytrance (Forest, Darkpsy, Hi-tech, Psycore and Experimental) with other sounds like Witch House, Speedcore and Lo-fi house, to name a few of the genres.

Her mission has always been to share new musical forms and textures for her community and, above all, to give listeners the opportunity to experience new forms of dance and expression.

Nature sounds, fast BPM and glitchy sounds are always characteristic of their sets.

She is part of Goajira Records, Voodoo Hoodoo Records, Melted Brain Records and Bipolar Soundsets!

And in 2023 she started her new adventure in music production.

kristi k krystal zuniga dj psytrance goajira records

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