krystal zuniga with guaria morada orchid guarianthe skinerii

Who is Krystal?

Hello world! My name is Krystal, Bachelor in Natural Resources Management and Digital Marketing. In the present I’m working as Label DJ for Voodoo Hoodoo Records and Melted Brain Records, and I’m the co-founder of Bipolar Soundsets, a music collective of underground music of Costa Rica,

As well, I’m starting my own non-profit organization “Nature Circle” for native plants and conservation.
We plan to build a space full of wild life, recover our native ecosystems with innovative restoration techniques, and create a community center to make and share art and education.

I’m going to start an Internship in Science Communication for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, working on different environmental investigations, and create scientific content for social networks.

⚘️This Orchid is called Guaria Morada (Guarianthe skinerii), and the national flower of Costa Rica.

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