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K – Ancient Whispers (Darkforest/Ethnocore DJ Set)

The whispers of the past are deep inside our souls. They are in nature, in the universe, in the rocks. In the vastness of the desert and its hot sun.

This set is part of my Podcast project of underground, rave and experimental music, in this one I share with you some Darkforest – Ethnocore between 160-180bpm, inspired by the petroglyphs and ecosystems of the desert in Nevada, Las Vegas. Thanks to Melted Brain Records for sharing this DJ set on their platforms.

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  • A.T.O.A.M – Entheogenesis
  • KASHIS – These Voices
  • Crooked Mind – Deep in the Woods
  • Kamenik – Tingle Woods
  • Otkun – Deadly sins
  • Yangplant – Lourdes
  • Kashis – Illusion of time
  • Cali Balam – Tecnologia Shamanica
  • MERASSAKAN – Esensi Prib
  • Cali Balam – Atitlan Vortex
  • Beatfarmer – Monks Path
  • Beatfarmer – Laynes
  • Cetuz – The Future

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