K podcast artwork for voodoo hoodoo records dj set and podcast

K – Voodoo Hoodoo Essential Podcast #001

Check out my first Voodoo Hoodoo Essential Podcast #001, where I showcase Voodoo Hoodoo discography. This edition was carefully cured and recorded by December 2022. Now it was time to let it see the light…

Tracklist for Voodoo Hoodoo Essential Podcast:

Fractalien – Voodoo Tribe
Floaty – Devil’s tomb
Lyserzwerg – Dunkle Tannen
Skanoh & Acid Projekt – String Theory
Cosmogonia – Maria Lionza
Abrion – Mantra trip
PsyWhispering – Bandworm
Ich Kann Das Ego – Nicht Aufheben
Dalikaos -Illumination
Kapaline & Alpha Leo – Vertigo
Dalikaos – Shaman Healing



DJ set:

December 30th, 2022
New Jersey, United States

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