Bilingual Marketing Professional and Ecologist, with experience creating digital-first approaches, copywriting, email marketing, SEO and social media strategies. Skilled in Google Ads, A/B testing, and Google Analytics. Proactive and energetic, offering expertise in developing effective content marketing. I launched the first season of Bipolar Soundsets podcast BPxSS, which reached a total of 12k listeners in 6 months.

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Ecology of Plants and Hummingbirds Interactions – Scientific Article

During my work for EPHI, I wrote the article “Fungi as key elements in soil productivity, agriculture and social well-being” for Biocenosis Magazine, Vol 32.

Date: June 2021
Location: Costa Rica
Role: Writer and Researcher
Link [English version]: Fungi Scientific Article
Link [Spanish version]: Artículo Científico

Travel Blog

I write blogs about my travel experiences and visits to indigenous communities. This blog is about the Boruca indigenous culture of Costa Rica and its cultural activity “The Dance of the Devils”

Date: March 2022
Location: Costa Rica
Role: Writer, Researcher and Photography
Link: The Dance of the Devils

Grupo Arlequín – Posters, Copywriting and Social Media Content for Environmental Education

Our main goal in Arlequin was environmental education. Through these posters, I shared photos of the native biodiversity of Costa Rica, how to identify this species, and their ecology. I also created social media content and copywriting for their platforms.

Date: 2018-2022
Location: Costa Rica
Role: President and Social Media Manager

Amalgama website fron page for portfolio
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Bipolar Soundsets Events Website & Copywritting

I created this website and copywritting for Bipolar Soundsets Music Collective, focused on their more recent event “Amalgama”. Here our clients can see all the details of the event and artists, hear our music and follow us on our social media. We received more than 200+ attended.
Once we finish the event, we share on the same website and social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Youtube) the full gallery of pictures.

Date: January 2023
Role: Copywriting and Website Creator
Location: Costa Rica
Link: Bipolar Soundsets – Amalgama Website

Bipolar Soundsets Landing Page

Part of our goals for Bipolar Soundsets is lead generation. With this landing page, we convert more traffic because they are focused on one call to action by providing information about a specific offer or item.

Date: February 2023
Role: Social Media Manager
Location: United States
Link: Bipolar Soundsets Landing Page

bipolar soundsets landing page

bipolar soundsets email marketing for portfolio

Bipolar Soundsets Email Marketing

After people subscribed to our community, we sent them an email welcoming offering the products. Emails allow us to share exclusive content directly with the community, as well podcast, top playlist, events and important information.
Email is the most popular online communication technology.

Date: January 2023
Location: United States
Role: Social Media Manager and Podcast Coordinator
Link: Bipolar Soundsets Email Marketing

Institute For Global Transformation Email Campaign

One of the biggest problems IFGT had was that their emails went to spam or weren’t flashy enough. When starting my role as a social media manager, I decided to create a new design, headline subjects, and copywriting. Also, add CTA buttons, merge tags, and alt text to avoid spam filters. The open rate went from 25.8% to 31.9% in a month.

Date: November 2022
Location: United States
Role: Social Media Manager and Podcast Coordinator
Link: IFGT Email Marketing Campaign

Grupo Arlequín – Environmental Education Talks

I coordinated and hosted the Arlequin talks. I made contact with the professionals to define the topics of interest. the talks were broadcast on Facebook Live, and then uploaded to YouTube.

Date: 2020
Location: Costa Rica
Role: President and Coordinator
Link: Environmental Talks