Highly motivated individual with a Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Resources Management and 4 years of applicable experience. I have experience in research and data analysis in ecology, specifically with plants, birds, mushrooms and soil productivity. I also have a certification in Digital Marketing which has honed my critical thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills.

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Science Communication – New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Collaborated with scientists from the Division of Science and Research NJ DEP to design social media content and infographics for environmental science and climate change reports. Managed Instagram to enhance outreach and engagement. Developed social media schedules and in-depth analytics reports.

Date: 2023
Location: United States
Role: Science Communication Intern – Division of Science and Research, NJ DEP

Grupo Arlequín – Posters for Environmental Education

Our main goal in Arlequin was Environmental Education. Through these posters, I shared my photography and video of the native biodiversity of Costa Rica and the places where we volunteered. They include identification tips, ecology, and close-up pictures.

Date: 2018-2022
Location: Costa Rica
Role: President and Social Media Manager

Winner of “100 000 Strongs in the Americas” Program

Student exchange program with College of South Nevada, Las Vegas. We made field research, soil studies, and climate change analysis while camping for 14 days in the desert ecosystem.

Date: August, 2022
Location: South Nevada, Las Vegas
Role: Researcher

ramaria mushrooms

Ecology of Plants and Hummingbirds Interactions – Scientific Article

During my work for EPHI, I wrote the article “Fungi as key elements in soil productivity, agriculture, and social well-being” for Biocenosis Magazine, Vol 32.

Date: June 2021
Location: Costa Rica
Role: Writer and Researcher

Documentary UNED: Pollination – Study techniques

As a Field Technician of the EPHI Project, I helped execute and explain different techniques of pollination surveys and plant identification.

Date: January 2022
Location: Costa Rica
Role: Ecology Field Technician

Volunteer Work

Coordinated and participated in more than 20 volunteer programs. Some of the activities have been bird watching, plant identification, ant management, research, and environmental education talks.

Date: 2018 – 2022
Role: Volunteer Coordinator and Researcher

Grupo Arlequín – Environmental Education Talks

I coordinated and hosted 10 Arlequin seminar. I made contact with the professionals and influencers to define the topics of interest. The talks were broadcast on Facebook Live and then uploaded to YouTube.

Date: 2020
Location: Costa Rica
Role: President and Coordinator
Link: Environmental Talks

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