flor de psychotria aubletiana y su ciclo de vida

Psychotria pilosa

Psychotria pilosa is a shrubby plant of the Rubiaceae family, found in the undergrowth forest and is distributed in humid and very humid ecosystems from 0-1500 meters above sea level. The underside of its leaves has bluish tones, and its leaves and inflorescence have trichomes.

Psychotria pilosa es una planta arbustiva de la familia Rubiaceae, presente en el sotobosque y se distribuye en bosques húmedos y muy húmedos desde los 0-1500msnm. El envés de sus hojas tienen tonalidades azuladas, y tanto sus hojas como inflorescencia presentan tricomas.

Family: Rubiaceae

Leaves: Leaves with trichomes, elliptic or elliptic-oblong blade

Height: —

Flowers: Sessile flowers; corolla white or light green

Blooming: march-december

Seeds: —

Fruit: blue

Ethnobotany: —

Ecology: Humid, very humid and pluvial forest, primary and secondary forests, forest edges, and stream banks

Conservation Status: —

Distribution: 0–1500 m

References: Ecos del Bosque. Psychotria pilosa.

Photography and edition: Krystal Zuniga

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