cover art for melted brain series 8 reverse mind

Melted Brain Series 8: Rev3rsed M1nD – High Frequency Therapy (Psycore DJ Set)

This cover art was inspired in the mushrooms and moss of the rain forest of Costa Rica. Thank you Melted Brain and Rev3rsed M1nD for the trust. Incredible Psycore DJ set for the Melted Brain Series 08!

“Presenting the 8th episode of the Melted Brain Series, we have a special guest mix coming from a very talented artist. Rev3rsed M1nd its a DJ project created by Marina Patrejeva, based in Cyprus. Her sets contain different styles of electronic music with trippy sounds and evolving atmospheres always on the darker side of the genre, giving it a ritualistic kind of approach to the dancefloor experience, for those who love more intense sounds.
Artwork: Krystal

June, 2022.

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