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September Planting Guide: Top 5 Delicious Vegetables to Grow in Your Garden

Are you looking for some new ideas for what to plant at home this season of the year? Check out my September Planting Guide, there’s no doubt that September welcomes the beautiful fall, and the growing seasons begin to slow.
However, this is a great time to spend outside in your garden, planting fast-growing vegetables and harvesting before the first frost, or in the seasons ahead. But before we start, do you know what zone your garden is in? Click here to find your plant hardiness zone using your ZIP code.

1. Spring Onions (Zones 5-9)

september planting guide, springs onion on top of wood table
Photo: Clean Green Simple

Would you love to start the spring with your Spring Onions? This is one of the easiest vegetables to grow. Learn how to grow your onions with your own seeds.

2. Garlic (Zones 3-10)

garlic on black table
Photo: Tasting Table

Everybody loves garlic in their food, so why not have our own at home? Is one of the most versatile vegetables, being used as an ingredient in so many dishes around the world. Sowing the garlic cloves in September will help the plant to grow bigger and have a better taste until you can harvest your bulbs and put them in stock.

3. Shallots (Zones 4-10)

purple shallots
Photo: Eating Well

Planting these seeds at this time will ensure a harvest of delicious shallots for next summer. Cover the bulbs with woodchips or fleece to protect them from the birds and other animals. Put the bulbs 20 cm apart, with 30cm between rows.

4. Broccoli (Zones 5-9)

Photo: Earthbound Farm

This vegetable is great and very fast to grow in warmer zones. Find a good quality variety of Broccoli in your local shops to plant now, and harvest well in November. If you want to learn how to grow Broccoli, click here.

5. Spinach (Zones 3-9)

leaves of spinach from the top
Photo: Master Class

Do you want to keep growing strong and tall? Grow your own spinach at home this season, especially if you live a cool weather state. This is a very fast growing vegetable and can be harvest at the end of the fall.  

?Always remember to keep warm your soil, using woodchips or mulch to trap the heat into the soil, and try to make the most of every available space that you have ?

Author: Krystal Zuniga (Wild Bird Farm)
Featured image: Krystal Zuniga
Published: September 16th, 2022

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