important functions of perennials in an agriculture system

Important function of Perennials in an Agriculture System

Why do so many farms prefer to grow annual vegetables in their early stages of establishment? Usually, this is because annual vegetables are a commercial product, that has quick economic returns and there’s already a niche market available in a different market. However, sometimes this can be a trap that includes only seasonal labor, and […]

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how to replace lawn with native plants in usa new jersey

How to replace lawn with lifetime native plants?

Are you considering reducing the level of maintenance required in your landscape? Growing native plants in your garden not only requires less maintenance than traditional lawns, it also makes the local environment a healthier place for you and your community. Grass needs a lot of work to look nice, sometimes requiring the use of fertilizers, […]

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purple flower of araceae family

The Beauty of Native Plants in Your Garden: How to Create a Wildlife Haven in Your Own Backyard

“Ecology and spirituality are fundamentally connected, because deep ecological awareness ultimately, is spiritual awareness” -Fritjot Capra Are you looking to add some color and life to your garden? Look no further than native plants! New Jersey’s forests, natural areas, and reserves are full of biodiversity, and by adding native plants to your garden, you can […]

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september-planting-guide, onions growing in Wild Bird Farm

September Planting Guide: Top 5 Delicious Vegetables to Grow in Your Garden

Are you looking for some new ideas for what to plant at home this season of the year? Check out my September Planting Guide, there’s no doubt that September welcomes the beautiful fall, and the growing seasons begin to slow. However, this is a great time to spend outside in your garden, planting fast-growing vegetables […]

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