cover art for melted brain series 8 reverse mind

Melted Brain Series 8: Rev3rsed M1nD – High Frequency Therapy (Psycore DJ Set)

This cover art was inspired in the mushrooms and moss of the rain forest of Costa Rica. Thank you Melted Brain and Rev3rsed M1nD for the trust. Incredible Psycore DJ set for the Melted Brain Series 08! “Presenting the 8th episode of the Melted Brain Series, we have a special guest mix coming from a […]

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Aquelarre Psytrance Festival Live Set K-Mofs

Aquelarre Psytrance Festival Live Set (K b2b Mofs)

Hi guys. So happy to share this DJ set full of psytrance music, darkpsy and hi-tech from 160-180bpm. This one was played at Coven (Aquelarre) Psytrance Festival by @sancestros, next to @mofs_music, thank you for share the stage with me. ? ​Blessing to those who woke up at 8:00am and bloomed with us on the […]

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