lantana camara cinco negritos planta nativa de costa rica

Lantana camara

Lantana camara is a native plant of Costa Rica with great pubescence, both in its stems and in the leaves, which have a strong odor. These bushes and their flowers are important to butterflies and pollination, as well as for their larval stage. The fruits are used for birds, which disperse their seeds and collaborate […]

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flor de psychotria aubletiana y su ciclo de vida

Psychotria pilosa

Psychotria pilosa is a shrubby plant of the Rubiaceae family, found in the undergrowth forest and is distributed in humid and very humid ecosystems from 0-1500 meters above sea level. The underside of its leaves has bluish tones, and its leaves and inflorescence have trichomes. Psychotria pilosa es una planta arbustiva de la familia Rubiaceae, […]

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plantas nativas de costa rica hamelia patens coralillo

Hamelia patens

Coralillo (Hamelia patens) is a shrub of the Rubiaceae family (coffee family), with abundant ramification, and distribution, from 0-2000 meters above sea level from the USA to Argentina, in forests, near rivers, gardens, etc. Some of the benefits of the plant are medicinal, due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-hemorrhagic, analgesic properties, and it is used for […]

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